We all make mistakes, but most of those people are woman. whether they burn dinner, or don't wear the panties you like her in to bed, we call all agree that woman are both time consuming and frustrating at times. That's why Shady "C" is proud to present, Top 5 Things that Shady "C" off about woman! Enjoy! and click the link below to come rock with The Daniels.
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When I heard about the actions of Miami Dolphins Guard, Richie Incognito, I was surprised that  despite everyone saying bullying and cliques end in high school, this latest scandal in the NFL proves that this is not the case.  Like a powerful jock who rules the school with a iron fist, Incognito used his status withen the team as a veteran to bully and make Jonathan Martin's life a living hell.

This was made apparent by the stories of bullying within the Dolphins compound, and the voicemails that Martin released to the media days after leaving the Dolphins facility and checking himself into a  mental health clinic.  The NFL has made no secret of trying to make the game of football more safe, not only for those in the league, but also for the next generation of great football players.
Now the NFL has a chance to make another statement. One against the bullying of others. No matter if its in the hallways at your local high school, or in the dining room of a professional football team, it is still bullying and it is still wrong. If you are in a position of power, such as Incognito is as a  eight year veteran of the NFL, you should be setting a  positive example for those around you, not sending a fellow teammate sickening voicemails about how you want to slap his mother across the face an take a dump in his  mouth.

by intimidating and bullying his fellow teammate, Jonathan Martin, Incognito has not only become a negative example and influence for his teammates and his team, but also the city of Miami and the  NFL altogether. The NFL has a chance to make a statement here, and join the fight against bullying. First by banning Incognito for his actions against Martin, and then implementing policies that will prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

The ball is in the NFL's court right now. I know there is a lot of pressure to presume incognito guilty and come and ban this man from the sport, but its really not a presumption since Incognito has already been heard in his verbal tired on Martin's voicemail earlier this week. That alone should show that The NFL is dealing with a unstable, racist, and homophobic man, that has no business in the NFL.

What do you think? Should incognito be banned? see my video above and tell me what you think!

I had the privilege of sitting down with erotic fiction author, V.C ,from www.facebook.com/vcerotica, over the weekend to talk about her new book, "The Man on top of The World."  The interview covers her  upcoming book releases, becoming comfortable with who you are, and why erotic fiction is so popular right now!

Chevy: I'm wondering how others become comfortable in their skin with their sexuality. Or writing about the topic of erotic fiction?

V.C: It's not talking about sexuality and LGBT that makes me uncomfortable,
I've never been afraid of talking about it because I feel like myself when I do.
I'm also an intersex woman who has had to struggle with the stigma of that too
(like people confusing me as male when I am a woman, or people thinking i am a hermaphrodite or a pseudo-hermaphrodite when the proper term is intersex and in truth I'd rather just be called a woman). Writing LGBT-themed short stories, novels, and novellas is kind of like therapy to me, fun, but therapeutic :). I didn't start writing LGBT romance/erotica fiction until college but even while
young I was always into watching, reading, and talking about sex and LGBT issues and reading books about them. I just love it and how talking about it brings people closer together.

Chevy: Let's talk about your upcoming Novels. What do you have coming out in November?

V.C: My glam rock romance novella, "The Man on Top of the World." Originally this one was a short story in response to Storm Moon Press's "Glam Rock" anthology call. They didn't get enough submissions for the anthology, but they loved the story so much that they wanted it to be a short novella. I'm the most excited about this one because it will be my first ever published novella and because the characters in this book and the glam-rock theme means a lot to me.

Chevy: Your book, "The man on Top of The World" follows the story of Jonathan Maxwell. a drummer for the fictional backup band " The Diamonds" who also experiences a homosexual relationship with band front man, Izzy Rich. What made you decide to base the story on a male on male relationship, instead of a female and a female? Are you afraid some may be more accepting of the latter.

 V.C: "The Man on Top of the World" that I wanted it to be about an androgynous cross-dressing loving bisexual male rock star and for it to be about the relationship between him and his backing band drummer. Actually, M/M fiction/erotica is so popular these days that F/F fiction/erotica is kind of
ignored even though in real life lesbians are more accepted by society than gay
men. Frankly, lesbian fiction doesn't sell as well as M/M fiction. I have a
lesbian novel coming out next year in April called "The Mistress." I wouldn't be
at all surprised if "The Man" sells better than "The Mistress," and that's only
because of the genre and pairing. M/M is what's hot with readers, which means
that no author has to really fear that they wouldn't be accepted for writing a
story centered around M/M characters.

Chevy: Why do you believe M/M is so popular now versus F/F?

V.C: Most readers of erotica/romance fiction are women and are oftentimes written by women. Because these readers tend to really gravitate and frankly be
really turned on by M/M romantic and sexual relationships versus F/F romantic
and sexual relationships, the M/M genre tends to do a whole lot better than the
F/F genre. Not that there isn't a fan base for F/F romance fiction/erotica, there are a lot of readers both male and female who love them, but it's M/M erotica/romance fiction that trumps over it in popularity. Majority of publishers out there demand for more M/M fiction than F/F fiction because they know how well it sells. M/M sells, plain and simple.

Chevy: Does Jonathan struggle with his sexuality during his narrative at all. Or does he know right away that he is bisexual? Do you think reading this novel will help some of today's LGBT youth discover themselves, since the novel is written by a author who has experienced discovering their sexuality during their youth also?

V.C: Jonathan knows that he is bisexual, he doesn't let it be known to
everyone but he is comfortable with being bisexual when the question is brought
up. He's known it long before Izzy became a part of his life. The struggle that
Jonathan does go through in "The Man on Top of the World" is not so much his
bisexuality but why his relationship with Izzy has to be a secret. The questions
he mostly asks is why he can't just love Izzy openly without their sexual
orientations being a big deal and why Izzy's fame and celebrity has to inhibit
that. "All That Glitters" explores LGBT self-discovery a great deal though
especially when Izzy details his tragic and troubled youth. I would hope that
Izzy's story as a boy in "All That Glitters" will inspire and encourage LGBT
youth to be themselves despite what society may think of them, and that against
all odds, they can be a rock star too, maybe not literally, but figuratively

Chevy: Do you have any other books coming out this year as well?

V.C: That's it! Next year I will have 2 books out for release with the same
publisher, Storm Moon Press. My second book (which is set to be released in
early February) is a novel that is basically Izzy telling his life story, so
it's a fictional autobiography/bildungsroman novel :). It's called "All That
Glitters" which I'm even more excited about than "The Man on Top of the World."
Stay tuned for that one!

Chevy: Ok last one. As a reader myself of whatever I find on bookshelf's, in whatever store I happen to be in. I didn't really see or know that much about erotic fiction (except online), before 50 shades of grey came out. Did 50 Shades of grey really help get the erotic fiction novels mainstream. Or did it help in anyway? Where do you think the erotic fiction genre will go from here in the future?

V.C: I honestly would hate to think that 50 Shades is the reason why erotic
fiction novels are mainstream, and I would hope that people knew before 50
Shades that erotica has existed before its publication. But the fact of the
matter is yes, I think 50 Shades has if anything made erotic fiction more
acceptable for people to admit that they actually read erotica without being
bashful about it. I think it has also made people more comfortable in talking
and raving about it as much as a non-erotica mainstream book. I wouldn't give 50 Shades all the credit but it has certainly given the genre a major boost of
public visibility, for sure. What I love about erotic fiction is that it's not just strictly for straight people or just for LGBT people, it's for everyone no matter where you fall in the LGBT spectrum or even outside of that. Erotica is not a dirty word anymore. It can nowadays be looked at with respect and taken seriously in how it can/does explore other matters beyond the sex. From here, I think erotica will continue to entertain and challenge readers while also turning them on, and what's not to like about that? ;)

Make sure to check below for all of Vanessa's upcoming book releases,
and to like her on Facebook or Twitter.

The Man on Top of the World (Bisexual M/M Glam Rock Romance Novella)

Release Date: November 29, 2013

Publisher: Storm Moon Press

All That Glitters (Izzy Rich's Autobiography, Bildungsroman)

Release Date: February 21, 2014

Publisher: Storm Moon Press

The Mistress (Lesbian BDSM Romance Novella)

Release Date: April 18, 2014

Publisher: Storm Moon Press 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vcerotica

Twitter: @vcerotica

Blogger: http://vcerotica.blogspot.com/

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5815625.V_C_






Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles: It’s a no brainier that the Eagles should come out the winner in this one. Everyone touts The Chiefs having the second best offensive ranking in the NFL, but you have to consider that was against The Jaguars, who gave up 28 points in their season opener loss against the Kansas City Chiefs , and followed it up the very next week with a loss to The Oakland Raiders, 9-19. The Chiefs then defeated The Cowboys by a last minute field goal to win the game 17-16. So before you go and tout someone’s offense, please feel free to go back and look who those games were against, and their offensive rankings compare to the league.  With the addition of Alex Smith, and head coach, Andy Reid, The Chiefs are a team of luck, but not lucky enough to beat Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles this Thursday night. The Eagles just have more time in the pocket, a more prepared player in Michael Vick, and a great rusher in leSean McCoy, who can beat up any defense with his swiftness and speed. Face the facts Its Eagles all the way Thursday Night! 
Winner: Eagles

Atlanta Falcons vs. Miami Dolphins: Did anyone really think the Dolphins would stay undefeated for very long this season? It’s just not going to happen. And in Matt Ryan's case, it can't happen. After losing to the Packers in the second round of last year’s playoffs, and losing the season opener to the New Orleans Saints, 23-17, Matt Ryan now must defeat the charging Dolphins to bring his team to a 2-1 record. That will be no easy task, especially considering who the Dolphins have beaten to remain undefeated this season.  In week one, the Dolphin dominated The Browns, 23-10. With Tannehil throwing for 271 yards and one touchdown to get the Fins the win. That performance was followed up by a 319 yard and one touchdown performance against The Indianapolis Colts In week two. The win was a big of a surprise for many, as everyone thought Andrew Luck’s explosive offense would be too much for the Dolphins Defense to contain. To come out on top in this one, Ryan will need to score early and often against the Dolphins defense, and make sure The Falcons defense stops Tannehill from having another 200 yard day. The Falcons will also need to shut down the run game for Miami early if they want any chance of being the victors in this one. I mean come on, you can’t win the game if you can’t get the ball back!

Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders: Remember that expression, not even god can help you now? Or even, may god have mercy on your soul? Well that's the situation the 1-1 Oakland Raiders face this Monday, as they take on the 2-0 Denver Broncos. Comparing the matchup by position in both teams’ first two games, Peyton Manning has thrown for over 700 yards and nine touchdowns this season. Terrelle Pryor on the other hand, has only thrown for only 343 yards and one touchdown this season. Does this strike anyone else as lack of offensive production on The Raiders part? Now let's look at the defensive side of the ball. The Broncos have allowed 50 points in two games, making them the 21st best defense in the league. Those 50 points that the Broncos defense gave up in the first two games of the season, were to the 22cd ranked defense in the league, Ravens, and the20th ranked defense of the New York Giants. While defense may look to be the Broncos only weakness, let’s keep in mind that the Raiders have only scored a total of 36 points in their first two games of the season, and that was against the ninth best defense in the league, jaguars, and the 23rd best defense in the league, Indianapolis Colts. The Broncos may have given up a lot on defense, but have really made up for in the way of offense. Looking at The Broncos first two games, they have outscored their opponents 90-50.  That compared to the Raiders outscoring their opponents 36-33. Terrelle Pryor is showing great improvements in his offensive production, and Darren McFadden may be able to break through Denver’s defense in the beginning, but at the end of the day, expect another win for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

Winner: Broncos

  Other Games

Houston Texans vs. Baltimore
Ravens   prediction: Texans 24-21  

New York Giants vs. Carolina
Panthers Prediction: Giants 31-12

Detroit Lions vs. Washington
Redskins prediction: Lions 21-14

San Diego Charges vs. Tennessee Titans  
prediction: Chargers 13-10

New Orleans Saints vs. Arizona Cardinals
 prediction: Saints 27-20

Tampa Buccaneers vs. New England Patriots
prediction: Patriots 28-12

Green Bay.  Packers vs.. Cincinnati Bengals
 prediction: Packers 35-19

St Louis Rams vs. The Dallas
Cowboys prediction: Cowboys 20-7

Cleveland Browns vs.  Minnesota Vikings
prediction: Vikings 24-9

Buffalo Bills vs. New York
Jets Prediction: Jets 16-13

Indianapolis Colts vs. San Francisco 49ers
 prediction: Colts 21-17

Seattle Seahawks vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Prediction: Seahawks 31-13

Chicago Bears vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
 prediction: Bears 17-9

For more on The Daniels, check out the show by clicking the media player below!

Post Modern Jukebox's, Robyn Adele Anderson, joined The Daniels this week to talk about how she became a YouTube sensation and more about how the idea for Post Modern Jukebox came about. You can hear the interview by clicking here, or  just hit play on the media player above!

The interview turned spicy at times, with Vitamin C asking about her experiences with the female persuasion in college, and also if she would flash a audience during a performance for more attention. Like a professional, Ms. Anderson made light of the more racy questions and answered them for the  audience anyway, despite almost dying from laughter, and maybe some shock due to The Daniel's relentless flow of weird questions and topics!

The conversation then turned serious, as Chevy and her discussed the influence of Post Modern Jukebox on Today's generation of YouTubers . She told The Daniels, she just wants to expose people to new kinds of music, without forcing it down people's throats like others like to do.

Later on in the show, Ms. Anderson graced the audience with a live performance of "At Last", originally performed by the lovely Etta James. After the performance, Chevy and Vitamin C sat in stunned silence at  the pure beauty that emulated from her vocal chords, almost prompting Chevy to  start a round of Daniel Bryan Yes chants!

The Daniels  later  thanked Ms. Robyn Anderson for joining them on the show and wished her the best in her future endeavors. You can check out Scott Bradlee presents, Post Modern Jukebox here and you can check out Ms. Anderson's Facebook page here and of course check out Post Modern Jukebox versions of popular pop songs like Thrift shop and Call me Maybe here . 

If your scrapped for time or just to lazy to click a link, check out their version of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" Below!