When I heard about the actions of Miami Dolphins Guard, Richie Incognito, I was surprised that  despite everyone saying bullying and cliques end in high school, this latest scandal in the NFL proves that this is not the case.  Like a powerful jock who rules the school with a iron fist, Incognito used his status withen the team as a veteran to bully and make Jonathan Martin's life a living hell.

This was made apparent by the stories of bullying within the Dolphins compound, and the voicemails that Martin released to the media days after leaving the Dolphins facility and checking himself into a  mental health clinic.  The NFL has made no secret of trying to make the game of football more safe, not only for those in the league, but also for the next generation of great football players.
Now the NFL has a chance to make another statement. One against the bullying of others. No matter if its in the hallways at your local high school, or in the dining room of a professional football team, it is still bullying and it is still wrong. If you are in a position of power, such as Incognito is as a  eight year veteran of the NFL, you should be setting a  positive example for those around you, not sending a fellow teammate sickening voicemails about how you want to slap his mother across the face an take a dump in his  mouth.

by intimidating and bullying his fellow teammate, Jonathan Martin, Incognito has not only become a negative example and influence for his teammates and his team, but also the city of Miami and the  NFL altogether. The NFL has a chance to make a statement here, and join the fight against bullying. First by banning Incognito for his actions against Martin, and then implementing policies that will prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

The ball is in the NFL's court right now. I know there is a lot of pressure to presume incognito guilty and come and ban this man from the sport, but its really not a presumption since Incognito has already been heard in his verbal tired on Martin's voicemail earlier this week. That alone should show that The NFL is dealing with a unstable, racist, and homophobic man, that has no business in the NFL.

What do you think? Should incognito be banned? see my video above and tell me what you think!

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