Post Modern Jukebox's, Robyn Adele Anderson, joined The Daniels this week to talk about how she became a YouTube sensation and more about how the idea for Post Modern Jukebox came about. You can hear the interview by clicking here, or  just hit play on the media player above!

The interview turned spicy at times, with Vitamin C asking about her experiences with the female persuasion in college, and also if she would flash a audience during a performance for more attention. Like a professional, Ms. Anderson made light of the more racy questions and answered them for the  audience anyway, despite almost dying from laughter, and maybe some shock due to The Daniel's relentless flow of weird questions and topics!

The conversation then turned serious, as Chevy and her discussed the influence of Post Modern Jukebox on Today's generation of YouTubers . She told The Daniels, she just wants to expose people to new kinds of music, without forcing it down people's throats like others like to do.

Later on in the show, Ms. Anderson graced the audience with a live performance of "At Last", originally performed by the lovely Etta James. After the performance, Chevy and Vitamin C sat in stunned silence at  the pure beauty that emulated from her vocal chords, almost prompting Chevy to  start a round of Daniel Bryan Yes chants!

The Daniels  later  thanked Ms. Robyn Anderson for joining them on the show and wished her the best in her future endeavors. You can check out Scott Bradlee presents, Post Modern Jukebox here and you can check out Ms. Anderson's Facebook page here and of course check out Post Modern Jukebox versions of popular pop songs like Thrift shop and Call me Maybe here . 

If your scrapped for time or just to lazy to click a link, check out their version of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" Below!

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