After The Hell in A Cell Pay Per View and Monday Night Raw, we have
many questions answered. We have a new WWE Champion. We have a new World Heavyweight Champion, and more than one challenger eager to take the title off his hands. We also have a hopeful end to the CM Punk/ Paul Heyman feud. and a few new feuds that are just beginning, but with all these questions answered, what new questions should be in WWE fans mind?

Should Damien Sandow get another shot at the World Heavyweight title?:

 The answer to this is clearly yes. The WWE spent a good amount of time putting together a decent push for Sandow by giving him the Money in The Bank Contract back in June, and it would just simply be a huge mistake not to at least see it through. Sandow did look good in the ring with Cena on Monday Night, and even held his own on many reversals and grapples throughout the match. Sandow even mimicked Cena's STF for a almost victory over the newly crowned World Champion. To many fans, it may look like the WWE is simply throwing out their push in Sandow, but with a match like that, and the crowd reaction one receives when wrestling Cena, the WWE may still be able to put Sandow in a Triple Threat match against Del Rio and Cena for the title at Survivor Series. Don't give up WWE fans. Sandow may  get his hands on the gold yet!

Is the feud between CM Punk and Paul Heyman over?:

 Honestly, it really should be. It really only made sense with Brock Lesnar in the picture, and now with Lesnar not returning until WrestleMania season, it seems like it would be best for all parties to just move on. The WWE were fools for thinking Axel could or even deserved to carry out a feud with CM Punk. He is simply not on Punk's level and just couldn't bring the intensity to the feud that it needed. The addition of Ryback didn't do much for the feud either, as fans felt like it was just a redo of Punk and Ryback's feud last year for the WWE title. Also, the match at Hell in a Cell did little to silence fans doubts about that being the case. Hopefully now that Punk has defeated Ryback at Hell In a Cell, and gave Heyman the beating of his life with a Kendo stick atop the demonic cell structure, Punk can move on to bigger and better storylines. After Punk was attacked by The Wyatt Family following his street fight with Ryback Monday night, it seems the WWE is looking to go towards a much more satisfying direction  with The Second City Saint. The fact that Daniel Bryan also was attacked by The Wyatt Family on Raw last night, should make this new storyline venture just that much more compelling for fans. With the prospect of Bryan and Punk teaming up to battle The Wyatt Family on the horizon, we can only hope that this is a much better thought out storyline then Heyman versus Punk.

Will Big E. Langston's push be halted by Curtis Axel's injury on Smackdown?:

 In all honesty, the WWE would be stupid not to continue the push they have given Big E. Langston over the past few weeks. Not that the WWE will care if someone calls them stupid, but just saying. This 5 foot 11, 290 pound beast is definitely what the WWE needs to build up other top talents and make the Mid-card interesting. Langston is a very versatile talent, that is able to both use his size and agility to his advantage over almost any opponent. What should really impress fans about Langston is his intensity during a match. The man is able to build up so much momentum simply by reversing his opponents signature moves with his shear power, making match endings more exciting when Langston is in the ring. After the announcement that Axel was injured and unable to compete at Hell In Cell against Langston, the WWE quickly rescheduled the match as Langston versus Dean Ambrose for the United States title, and also made the match for later in the evening, instead of the kickoff show where the original match was scheduled. Although Langston fought valiantly in his first title match in the WWE, his victory was a hollow one, as he beat Ambrose by count out and didn't win the title. After the match, Langston was able to hit The Big Ending on Dean Ambrose and give some life to their  new feud. Now with Langston feuding with The Shield's, Dean Ambrose, it seems like WWE will put their plans for Langston on the backburner for now and have Langston build up Ambrose for his eventual post-Shield singles run. I really wish the WWE would see the genuine talent they have with Langston and give him a run with The United States title, but it looks like the WWE is going to favor  building the Shield over any other mid card talent on the roster.

Will The Shield be splitting up soon?:

 It really is about time the WWE finally break up one the most dominate factions in the history of the WWE. Since storming onto the scene last year at Survivor Series, The Shield have demolished everyone in their path with quick team work and raw power.  The Shield have had a amazing run that including a five month title reign by Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, and a United States Championship reign by Dean Ambrose. Ambrose even had the honor of competing in the Money In The Bank Contract ladder match earlier this year. Although the Shield have been rewarded with long title reigns and endless monumental main event matches, it seems that the WWE is finally decided  to break up the boys in black and see what they can do on their own. The first sign of this split was when Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins lost the tag team titles to Goldust and Cody Rhodes three weeks ago on Raw.  The next big sign of The Shield's demise was when Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were unable to recapture their title gold at Hell In Cell, making their fall just that much more evident. Now with the titles out of the hands of Rollins and Reigns, and Dean Ambrose touting his title gold on Raw, it seems jealousy will play the biggest factor in The Shields upcoming split. It's still unclear exactly how the break up will happen, but it seems like it will most likely involve both Rollins and Reigns turning on Ambrose and trying to capture his United States title. The Shield should be warned however, that Dean Ambrose is the baddest man around.

Did the WWE bury Daniel Bryan's push at Hell In Cell?:

Ok, time for some truth. Daniel Bryan is so buried at this point, their
having his pushes memorial service this weekend. The WWE has once again taking a viable and versatile talent, and completely buried him with almost victories in big Pay Per View matches, and horribly planned out screw jobs in others. The WWE has essentially done with Daniel Bryan, what they did to Ryback back in 2012. Minus all the momentum for Ryback, because he was a rebranded rookie at the time. They build up Ryback with a bunch of squash matches, had him get surprise wins over many top talents in the WWE, and then had him lose time and time again at Pay Per Views, with the title on the line. Same thing with Bryan. They built him up for months during his tag team title run with Kane, had him build even more momentum as a singles competitor, then put him in a passing of the torch match with John Cena, only to brutally bury him when it counted. The WWE Universe doesn't want to back a loser. They want to be in the corner of a guy who can and will get it done for his fans, and the WWE just isn't allowing Daniel Bryan to do that.  After Bryan was screwed at Hell In Cell, thanks to a surprise Sweet Chin Music by Shawn Michaels. Michaels attempted to apologize to Bryan the next night on Raw and get Bryan to shake his hand. After a few tense moments Bryan grabbed Michael's hand and put him in the Yes Lock for revenge. After the segment with Michaels, Bryan was viciously attacked by The Wyatt Family backstage, injuring Daniel Bryan and putting him in the hospital for the evening. This move definitely sets up both Punk, who was attacked later that night by The Wyatt Family, and Bryan for a feud with Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family. With that being said , only two questions remain. Who will be the new number one contender for The WWE title, and will Punk and Bryan be working together to battle Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family? Hopefully, the answer to the second one is Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Although it looks like Bryan's run in the main event is over, Bryan will remain a mid card megastar for years to come!

 Although The Authority storyline involving Triple H, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton continues to captivate The WWE Universe week after week with its thrilling twists and turns, the storyline itself looks dangerously close to reaching a unsatisfying and predictable climax at Hell in a Cell.

We all know the rumors that Vince McMahon is set to return to television after Hell in a Cell and battle his tyrant Son in Law for control of the WWE. We also know the ensuing fight will most likely center on what both men believe to be "best for business", but where does the storyline go from there? What exactly would be Vince McMahon's driving force to return to television? And more importantly, how does the WWE plan to make the feud fresh and exciting after their mini feud a few months back?

If the WWE is going to have Vince McMahon return to television and
battle his son, they need fresh and exciting angles to do so. They need
something that goes beyond the squared circle and the business altogether. If
this storyline is going to work the way the company needs it to, it needs to get personal between the characters in the story.

With Triple H on a massive power trip after screwing Daniel Bryan out of the title at Summerslam, Night of Champions and BattleGround. The WWE need to further his character development and have him turn on his own associates and family members  in a vicious and cruel manner. The double heel turn would allow for Stephanie McMahon, who has been on a power trip of her own lately, to turn face.

The best way to do this, is to have Triple H continue on his current power trip and start to flirt with some of the divas. The flirting will cause Stephanie to go irate and start building the storyline towards a affair. Finally Triple H will cross the line and be caught in the act with a diva by Stephanie, thus turning her face and giving her a reason to join her dad in the battle for the company.

The storyline itself would not only give a big boost to fan interest in the Main Event picture and The Authority storyline, but could  also allow for a quicker return by Divas Champion, AJ Lee, to take on a mouthpiece role in the company while she  recovers from her head injury she suffered at Battleground.

The WWE has tried their hand at affair storylines before, The most recent one being the failed romance between former Raw General Manager, AJ Lee and John Cena, but with fans already going wild from Big Show's knockout punch to Triple H last week on Raw, The WWE Universe is practically begging for  another reason to despise Triple H, and what better way to do so then having a affair while married to the bosses daughter?

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Monday night Raw has a way of being unpredictable from time to time, and tonight's edition of the weekly flagship sports entertainment show was no exception  Instead of using the opening segment to cut promos between Triple H, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, the WWE decided to go a different route and let the Second City Saint speak his mind to the WWE audience.

The crowd stood and cheered multiple times during Punks promo, even prompting a round of Ryback sucks chants to show Punk their support for him heading into his match at Battleground. Punk, as always, delivered a great promo to the WWE Universe and really got some good shots in at Heyman  and his newly found prodigy, Ryback. Punk then demanded a fight between him and one of Paul Heyman's guys tonight on Raw, but was unfortunately stopped when Raw General Manager, Brad Maddox made his way to the ring with other plans in mind for Punk's evening.

Instead of getting his hands on Axel or Ryback, Punk would be forced into a match with Big E. Langston, who would get in a cheap shot on Punk to start the bout.  The match was very one sided at the beginning, with Langston's using his pure athletic power to keep Punk on the mat. Despite Langston's best efforts, Punk rallied late in the match, hitting a devastating driving elbow and the GTS for the victory over Langston.

Although I am glad to see Langston back in the mix in the WWE, using him out of nowhere to face one of the best performers in the Industry seemed really pointless . What made the match even more pointless was that their was no interference by Heyman, or his guys during Punk's match. If the WWE  wanted to advance a the storyline between Punk, Heyman and Ryback,  they could at least have had a promo segment between Punk and Heyman after the match, followed up by a sneak attack by Axel and Ryback.

As for Langston, it is truly mind blowing that WWE Creative put Langston with AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler, and still failed to put this guy over. If those two top tier superstars couldn't even help launch Langston;s career, I doubt anything else will.

After Punks match,  Renee Young was then showed interviewing Heyman and asking him about if he worries that Punk is out to get him. The smug Phillidelphia lawyer turned mad scientist of ECW then turned the tables on Renee Young stating, that it must be sad for her and everyone else to see the rapid descent of such a promise talent in the WWE. Heyman then touted to Young and the rest of the WWE Universe that if CM Punk wants us, he can come get us, before leaving the segment area.

Later in the evening, Curtis Axel came to the ring with Paul Heyman for Axel's scheduled match against R-Truth.  What looked like a squash match early on, turned in to a very great match , as Truth continued to knock Axel off his feet with swift leg sweeps. Despite what looked like a comeback from Curtis Axel, a distraction by CM Punk's theme song and a swift lie detector would seal Axel's fate and give Truth the win. WHATS UP?

I wish the WWE would give these jobbers a better chance to get over in the ring and with the fans. After the locker room revolt two weeks ago, it seems the company has either written most of the jobbers associated with the storyline  off television, or put them in squash matches to help sell a another  storyline. Its sad when you look at how talented R-Truth is in the ring and on the microphone every night on Raw, but can't even come out of a match with a clean victory. What's up WWE? WHATS UP?

Back in the locker room, Heyman was shown discussing his appreciation for how Ryback saved  him from CM Punk at Night of Champions, even telling Axel that he put a spring in Heyman's step and that he wanted to make a proposal to him live on Raw..

The proposal itself was pretty bizarre as  Heyman held Ryback's hand and got on one knee to pop the question to the beast. After a few minutes of boo's and chants of no from the WWE Universe, Heyman finally asked Ryback if he would officially join him as a Paul Heyman Guy.
Before Ryback could answer Heyman's proposal, CM Punk's music hit, as Punk rushed through the arena crowd and hopped the barricade to the ringside area. All seemed to being going as planned until Punk collapsed on the arena floor from what looked like a knee injury.

Ryback, Axel and Heyman all looked on as Punk got his knee checked out at ringside, leaving fans in the crowd in shock and despair. Replays of the incident on the Jumbo screen showed that Punk may had hyper extended the knee as he jumped the barricade in his rush to ringside.

Punk then grabbed a kendo stick at Ringside, while Dr. Sampson was checking out his injury, and started swinging wildly at a bewildered Heyman. Punk didn't get his hands on Heyman for too long, as Ryback and Axel quickly rushed to their boss;' aid. Ryback and Axel's bravery were met with swift hits from Punk's kendo stick. Punk then took one more swing at Axel, before setting up Mr. Perfect's son for a swift GTS,  Making it the first time in weeks that Punk has had the upper hand on his opponents on Raw heading into a pay per view match. the added bonus of the segment, was watching Heyman sittingon the side of the entrance ramp almost in tears . Was The Walrus crying like a baby best for business? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!

To be completely honest, I thought this storyline between Punk and Heyman would  have been done and buried after Night Of Champions, but with the addition of Ryback to aid the already vicious Paul Heyman, and a much more angry CM Punk itching to get his hands on Heyman, the sky is definitely the limit in this no holds barred storyline.

Although I do hope this is the feud that catapults Punk into the Royal Rumbe picture later In the year, I really think this storyline should mainly benefit Ryback and give him a more stable position withen the company. Ryback  has a amazing move set and a even more spectacular ring presence, making him someone the WWE might want to invest even more time and pushes in as time goes on.

As for CM Punk and Ryback's match at WWE Battleground, the odds should fall in Punk's favor due to him losing consecutive bouts at Summerslam and Night of Champions. To have Punk continue to lose and job for other talent would be a huge mistake for the company, especially with the Road To WrestleMania just a few short months away.

The WWE has been very careful with Punk since his reign as Champion came to a end last year to The Rock at Royal Rumble, but with the back and forth feud between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan picking up speed, the WWE might benefit from having Punk in the main event mix to aid Bryan in battling The Authority.

If Punk and Bryan were able to somehow join forces in the fight against Triple H and his stable, the WWE would be creating a firestorm by putting their top faces together to battle the top heels of the company. Add another top heel to the main event conversation, maybe say Wade Barrett Seth Rollins or even Ryback, and you have a Fatal Four Way pay per view match that is sure to sell out arenas everywhere!