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This Wednesday I sit down and interview a group of people with one ambition. To get Davey Boy Smith, British Bulldog, into the WWE Hall of Fame. The groups petition on has already garnered over 1600 signatures and has even been backed by the infamous Hart Family.

The British Bulldog has received many accolades during his career in the WWE, including The WWF European title, the World tag team title and even the WWF Hardcore title. Although The British Bulldog never was able to win the WWF Title, he wowed fans for years with great moves, great matches, and even greater main event bouts. So join the fight to put The British Bulldog in The WWE Hall of Fame today by signing the petition here. Also look out for my interview with the creators of this awesome petition by next week, and hear their case for putting this legendary wrestler in the Hall of Fame.

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11/05/2013 12:51pm

yes he does deserve to be in the hall of fame

Richard Woodrow
11/05/2013 1:33pm

Course He Deserves to be in The Hall Of Fame

Vince Robles
11/06/2013 8:12pm

Davey Boy Smith in my mind was one of the pioneers of British wrestlers. I think if it wasn't for him we would not have ever seen guys like William Regal, Magnus, Doug Williams, and Rob Terry. Davey was indeed a real strong and amazing athlete and I believe if he should be in the HOF the one that should inducted should be none other than Bret Hart


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