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Below is a teaser from my upcoming interview with three people from TeamDBS. a group of people dedicated to getting The British Bulldog into the WWE Hall of Fame. I talked with them about early memories of Dave Boy Smith,  why he belongs in The WWE Hall Of Fame and who doesn't. deserve the prestigious honor. Read the teaser now!

Darren, earlier in the interview you spoke about some of the HOF inductees not deserving their spot over guys like Davey Boy Smith. Can you say which inductees you think specifically don't deserve a spot?

Darren Hackett: I believe that the inductees of the celeb wing are un-worthy of the right to a HOF spot, to me the HOF is about the accomplishments of individual stars or team up stars who had a legendary career in the business,
look at Hogan, huge wrestling Icon, might not in my opinion been the greatest
wrestler but what he did for the business world wide is today un-matched and
deserved. But then people who come in for 2/3 weeks and then get straight in is
wrong, yes alright Trump hosted 2 WrestleMania's but that isn't worthy of a HOF
spot neither is working for DX for a month what Tyson did, again very undeserving.

Dave Boddy: Abdullah the Butcher, never worked for WWF, WWF, or WWE
and is known for his stiff, hardcore style, and has yet to ever win a WWE championship, yet he is in. Drew Carey, he appeared at a rumble event, paid off
Kane, and was eliminated, and yet he is in. Just these two names alone send
shivers down the spines of fans, Drew was even booed out of the building.

Michael Finney: I personally don't have nothing against the any celebs
but this is a wrestling awards. The awards are meant for the wrestlers.

Dave Boddy: "Superstar" Billy Graham even requested to be removed from
the WWE HOF after Abdullah was inducted.

If you were granted five minutes with the WWE HOF board to state your case for why Davey Boy Smith should Be inducted into the HOF. What would you say?

Dave Boddy: The WWE Hall of Fame was stated to chronicle the legends of
the WWE ring, to chronicle all the legendary champions, tag teams, managers, and celebrities, if this is the case not having Davey Boy or the Bulldogs in it is a
slap to the face of the fans and superstars. The WWE Hall of Fame is meant to
pay homage to the superstars of yesterday to help inspire and motivate the stars
of today, tag team wrestling in WWE lifted in part due to the Bulldogs, the European championship was prestigious due to Davey Boy having great matches and holding the title with pride and passion. Davey belongs in the Hall of Fame more than Abdullah, please explain to me how Abdullah is in, but not the Bulldogs or Davey Boy?

Michael Finney: I would say Davey brought the British and rest of the European wrestling fans in to watch the WWE. In the UK Davey was their Hulk Hogan. Davey meant so much to the British and rest of the European fans all over. Summerslam 1992 speaks for itself. Davey main event many UK Pay per views even when he wasn't a champion and that speaks on its own. Davey as a singles wrestler carried all of the UK on his own and no disrespect to any British
Wrestler, but Davey in my eyes was the only true British Wrestlers so far who has made a huge impact in the world of Pro Wrestling.

Darren Hackett: Davey helped to establish European wrestlers in the US,
I feel that without his contributions today's stars such as Sheamus, Barrett,
Regal and macintyre might not have been looked at, Davey was our ambassador, OUR British champion!

How do you think smith stacks up career wise with other superstars who have graduated from The Hart Dungeon?

Michael  Finney: Whoever was trained by Stu Hart was superb, indeed. Stu made the wrestlers worked hard.I think if anyone who could stood up to Davey in Skills wise was Owen. In the power wise, it's pretty hard to pick from but I'll say either Harry Smith or Jim Neidhart.

Darren Hackett: myself Chevy I believe Davey was on par with Owen
that's one of the things that I thought helped them to become a memorable team. I would have loved to have seen the dungeon in its heyday, wrestlers dreamt of being trained by Stu. Or just to see Stu.

Ok what do you believe is the main detriment that has prevented Smith's induction into the hall of fame?

Michael Finney: personal I don't know, some fans told me because Vince
and Davey never got along. However, again, it's just what people read from the
internet or the papers. No one really doesn't know the truth. A lot of fans feel
it's because Davey was British exedra.

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