Bray Wyatt may have been right about something. No matter how loud or how long the WWE Universe chants for Daniel Bryan, he will never beat the machine, or have a legitimate run with The WWE Title.

With Daniel Bryan coming off a short lived heel turn, and suffering a concussion in his cage match Monday night Raw, It seems the WWE may finally succeed in their ultimate goal of once again giving The WWE Universe, not what it wants, but what they THINK they need.

The injury may have occurred when Jimmy and Jey Uso suplexed Bryan from the top rope, causing him to hit the back of his head on the mat. although the exact extent of the injury is unknown, work is backstage that the head injury was pretty serious

Bryan isn't the first WWE superstar to get a major push by the company only to suffer a injury. Dolph Ziggler won the World Heavyweight title from Alberto Del Rio on Raw the night after WrestleMania, but was shelved weeks later due to a concussion injury at a Smackdown taping.

WWE newcomer, Fandango, was also out of action for a month with a concussion, removing him from a title match with Wade Barrett and The Miz at WWE's Payback pay per view.

With Daniel Bryan's return to the ring this Monday night to announce he will be taking on Bray Wyatt at The Royal Rumble, the WWE Universe is now left to ponder, what exactly is the plan for Daniel Bryan on The Road To WrestleMania?

The only two viable options I see for Bryan to be able to continue his push, and eventually get back into the title picture are, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Bryan mixing it up with either of these two WWE Legends would not only be a interesting match for fans, but would also give Bryan the opportunity he needs to prove he can hang with one of the legends of this company.

A match with Shawn Michaels would not only be  a chance to face a legend of the ring, but also a chance to add a very personal angle to the mix, with Michaels training  Bryan for his debut in the WWE years ago.

Shawn should  have no problem jobbing to Bryan, and would mix very well with his in ring style , resulting in what could be one of the best high octane matches of the year.  Not only giving HBK fans one more match to remember him by, but also serving as a launch pad to get Bryan back in the title picture after WresteMania 30

A match with The Undertaker however, would be a more complex option. There is no way The WWE will let the streak end with Daniel Bryan. Losing to Daniel Bryan just isn't a fitting end to The DeadMans's streak. Yes, it would give him a major push in the company, but look what happened the WWE gave him a bit push by defeating a major Superstar.

The WWE using Bryan as a place holder opponent against Randy Orton just proves the lack of faith the WWE has in him. And if the WWE cant have faith in Daniel Bryan as anything more then the guy who wrestles the real guy, then that really isn't a reason to end the streak of The Undertaker, now is it?

All WWE fans know by now, that Bryan's road to WrestleMania wont start with winning the Royal Rumble match,  but with this newfound momentum after his face turn last Monday night, what exactly does the WWE have in store for his road to WrestleMania, and his future as a champion in the company?

Jason Smith
01/21/2014 11:36am

that is not what we need at all Daniel bryan does not need to be "buried" in the slightest.


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