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While I do regard this as probably one of the worst pay per view lineups  of the year, Night of Champions will still be highlighted by two matches that may just save the pay per view from complete stupidity. Here is a look at who I think will be raising the gold high above their head, and who will be looking up at the lights after the three count on Sunday night.

The Prime Time Players Vs. The Uso's Vs. The Real Americans Vs. Tons of Funk Vs. 3MB in a tag team turmoil match: The fact that the WWE is using this match to  get more pay per view buys is pathetic enough, but the fact that the WWE has yet to reveal their choice for the number one contender is even more pathetic. I really see The Prime Time Players and the Real Americans being the only reasonable choices in this matchup. "3MB" "The Uso's " and "Tons of Funk" will only add to the chaos of the match and work as jobbers to help get over the eventual winners. I  predict the Prime Time Players will win after Darren Young hits the Gutcheck maneuver on Antonio Cesaro 

Winner: Prime Time Players.

The Shield Vs. The Prime Time Players for The Tag Team Titles:  Could this really be the end of The Shield's tag team title run? Or is The WWE just getting our hopes up again? The Prime time Players have been riding a big push lately, especially after Darren Young came out about his sexuality during a interview with TMZ. Although  I personally think WWE is doing the wrong thing by using Darren Young's newly found media publicity to sell a storyline to the public, I have no doubt that WWE Creative intends for The Prime Time Players to walk out Tag team champions.  The question still remains, can The Prime Time Players have a believable match against one of the most vicious factions in the WWE today. I think the push that WWE gave The Prime Time Players was ill timed  and conceived and will most likely lead to a poorly put together match between these two teams and will only embarrass the tag team division even more. Ultimately, Darren Young will hit the gutcheck on Seth Rollins and get the three count for the victory. 

Winner: Prime Time Players.

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Dean Ambrose for The United States Title:
  After weeks of being bullied by Ryback and Dean Ambrose, Ziggler will now not only have the chance to put Ambrose in his place, but take away his title gold as well.  With both Ziggler and Ambrose being great in ring performers, this should really be the match on everyone's radar to steal the show on Sunday night. The only thing that really upsets me about this storyline, is that the WWE would take these two great promo cutters and put them in a storyline where promos aren't really needed. Why not give this angle some juice with the two exchanging heated words in a few segments on Raw and Smackdown. I know their match isn't headlining Night of Champions, and is probably just to fill time between the more important bouts, but if the WWE  really wants to push this cooperation versus faces storyline, they need to give each member of both sides more segments with vocal roles in them for promo cutting. The current structure of the storyline is leaving two great promo cutters silent, which is of course bad for business. As for my prediction, I see Ziggler winning by disqualification, after a obvious and boring Shield interference.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler by disqualification after Shield Interference.

AJ Lee vs. Natayla vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi for The Divas Title:  I guess WWE Creative is implementing a new strategy on how to write storylines for The Divas division, throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. This match is poorly built and is most likely just being used to get more attention on  WWE's new reality show, Total Divas. which plays on the E network every Sunday at 10pm. Not that I've been watching it or anything. Anyways,  if AJ Lee does lose the title on Sunday , the WWE has a entirely new problem of trying to build a decent storyline around the newly crowned  Divas Champion.  The Divas division has really declined in interest over the last few months , with many matches only lasting about five minutes  and featuring very little action at all.  And  if the WWE cant continue to build a storyline around AJ Lee, arguably one of the fiercest and sexy Divas champion to date , then what makes them think they will have better luck with someone else at the helm. As for a prediction, I think Natayla walks out of Night of Champions with the title gold around her waist. WWE has obviously been pushing Natayla since Summerslam, where she beat Brie Bella in a grudge match. The WWE also seems to be putting more emphasis on her sharpshooter submission move. That coupled with idea that Natayla as champion will mean better ratings for Total Divas, leaves me to believe that she is definitely going to win on Sunday.

Winner Natayla with the Sharpshooter on AJ Lee.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam for The World Heavyweight title: ADR has been flying high since his heel turn at Payback a few months ago. He even knocked off  Dolph Ziggler and Christian to keep the gold around his waist at Money in The Bank and Summerslam respectively.  With it being three months after Del Rio's heel turn, the question is how much longer an WWE Creative keep his feuds interesting. I will admit that the addition of his former ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, has brought new fuel to the fire for this feud between Del Rio and Van Dam, but where can It all go from here?  The only logical option is to have Del Rio drop the title to fan favorite, Van Dam, at Night of Champions and the have Damien Sandow cash in his Money in The Bank contract and win the title from Van Dam. This would create a great feud between Sandow and Van Dam, and would also allow Van Dam to put Sandow over with the WWE Universe.  With RVD's mystical high flying moveset and Sandow's great heel heat and awesome promo skills , the WWE would finally have a great storyline for their World Heavyweight championship belt. My prediction is Del Rio will drop the belt to RVD, after Van Dam nails a timely frog splash from the top rope on the "Mexican Aristocrat". After the match, Sandow will cash in and beat RVD easily with determinoose for the victory.

Winner: Rob Van Dam by a Frog Splash for the three count.

CM PUNK vs. Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman in a Tag Team Elimination match: As a CM Punk fan, I consider this a low point for The Straight Edge superstar.  He goes from match of the year with Brock  Lesnar, to jobbing and trying to build up new talent. I'm not saying Curtis Axel dosent deserve this push from WWE, because he truly does, but does CM Punk really have to be the one to do it? Now when I say put him over, I in no way mean that Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman will walk out of Night of Champions victorious, I mean that their are far better opponents for CM Punk to work with. Rest assured that CM Punk will give a good match as always  and even put over Curtis Axel as a true competitor in the process, but does it really have to be at the cost of what the fans really want? We all know we just want to see CM Punk completely murder Paul Heyman with weapon after weapon and chair shot after chair shot, but besides all that, does this match really hold any interest or significance to the WWE Universe. I personally think this is a failure on WWE's part to put Punk in a decent  match at Night of Champions. Moving on with my prediction. I believe CM Punk will reverse one of Axel's  finishing moves in to the GTS  for the three count. Then afterwards, Punk will beat the living daylights out of Heyman for about a good ten minutes, before Punk is finally detained by security and forced to the backstage area. Paul Heyman will have to be taken by  stretcher out of the arena, and will then be written off television to take some vacation time.

Winner CM Punk.

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan for The WWE Title:  
 After being screwed over by Triple H at Summerslam last month, is it finally time for submission specialist, Daniel Bryan to raise the gold above his head? Honestly no, because of course that would be bad for business. early reports indicate that this feud between Bryan and Orton will last past November's Hell In A Cell", a good sign that WWE isn't going to just have Orton drop the belt to Bryan right away.  Even with the spectacular matches Daniel Bryan has had over the past few weeks, a slew of cooperate goons might be all Orton needs to shift momentum in his favor Sunday at Night of Champions. I speculate this match will be highlighted by both the cooperation and the Babyfaces of the WWE making last minute saves for both Orton and Bryan during the match. We can also expect for power to reign supreme, as Triple H or Stephanie McMahon can call for the bell at any time and for any reason to end the match in Orton's favor. For those reasons alone, I believe Randy Orton will walk out of Night of Champions with the title around his belt, after a surprise RKO on Daniel Bryan . I also believe the RKO wont be a clean one, as one of Triple H's corporate goons will most likely be a factor in the distraction that hands Orton the victory. After this match, the WWE will most likely be building up to a Survivor Series Six man tag match between the team of Triple H, The Shield, Randy Orton and Wade Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz,  Rob Van Dam, Cody Rhodes and The Big Show. The match will have a stipulation of another title shot for Bryan if his team wins, and he will face Orton later in the main event at Survivor series, only to lose to Orton and the Corporate  goons again.

Winner: Randy Orton with a timely RKO on Daniel Bryan while he was distracted by a corporate goon.

Jean Bauer
09/16/2013 3:00pm


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