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Monday night Raw has a way of being unpredictable from time to time, and tonight's edition of the weekly flagship sports entertainment show was no exception  Instead of using the opening segment to cut promos between Triple H, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, the WWE decided to go a different route and let the Second City Saint speak his mind to the WWE audience.

The crowd stood and cheered multiple times during Punks promo, even prompting a round of Ryback sucks chants to show Punk their support for him heading into his match at Battleground. Punk, as always, delivered a great promo to the WWE Universe and really got some good shots in at Heyman  and his newly found prodigy, Ryback. Punk then demanded a fight between him and one of Paul Heyman's guys tonight on Raw, but was unfortunately stopped when Raw General Manager, Brad Maddox made his way to the ring with other plans in mind for Punk's evening.

Instead of getting his hands on Axel or Ryback, Punk would be forced into a match with Big E. Langston, who would get in a cheap shot on Punk to start the bout.  The match was very one sided at the beginning, with Langston's using his pure athletic power to keep Punk on the mat. Despite Langston's best efforts, Punk rallied late in the match, hitting a devastating driving elbow and the GTS for the victory over Langston.

Although I am glad to see Langston back in the mix in the WWE, using him out of nowhere to face one of the best performers in the Industry seemed really pointless . What made the match even more pointless was that their was no interference by Heyman, or his guys during Punk's match. If the WWE  wanted to advance a the storyline between Punk, Heyman and Ryback,  they could at least have had a promo segment between Punk and Heyman after the match, followed up by a sneak attack by Axel and Ryback.

As for Langston, it is truly mind blowing that WWE Creative put Langston with AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler, and still failed to put this guy over. If those two top tier superstars couldn't even help launch Langston;s career, I doubt anything else will.

After Punks match,  Renee Young was then showed interviewing Heyman and asking him about if he worries that Punk is out to get him. The smug Phillidelphia lawyer turned mad scientist of ECW then turned the tables on Renee Young stating, that it must be sad for her and everyone else to see the rapid descent of such a promise talent in the WWE. Heyman then touted to Young and the rest of the WWE Universe that if CM Punk wants us, he can come get us, before leaving the segment area.

Later in the evening, Curtis Axel came to the ring with Paul Heyman for Axel's scheduled match against R-Truth.  What looked like a squash match early on, turned in to a very great match , as Truth continued to knock Axel off his feet with swift leg sweeps. Despite what looked like a comeback from Curtis Axel, a distraction by CM Punk's theme song and a swift lie detector would seal Axel's fate and give Truth the win. WHATS UP?

I wish the WWE would give these jobbers a better chance to get over in the ring and with the fans. After the locker room revolt two weeks ago, it seems the company has either written most of the jobbers associated with the storyline  off television, or put them in squash matches to help sell a another  storyline. Its sad when you look at how talented R-Truth is in the ring and on the microphone every night on Raw, but can't even come out of a match with a clean victory. What's up WWE? WHATS UP?

Back in the locker room, Heyman was shown discussing his appreciation for how Ryback saved  him from CM Punk at Night of Champions, even telling Axel that he put a spring in Heyman's step and that he wanted to make a proposal to him live on Raw..

The proposal itself was pretty bizarre as  Heyman held Ryback's hand and got on one knee to pop the question to the beast. After a few minutes of boo's and chants of no from the WWE Universe, Heyman finally asked Ryback if he would officially join him as a Paul Heyman Guy.
Before Ryback could answer Heyman's proposal, CM Punk's music hit, as Punk rushed through the arena crowd and hopped the barricade to the ringside area. All seemed to being going as planned until Punk collapsed on the arena floor from what looked like a knee injury.

Ryback, Axel and Heyman all looked on as Punk got his knee checked out at ringside, leaving fans in the crowd in shock and despair. Replays of the incident on the Jumbo screen showed that Punk may had hyper extended the knee as he jumped the barricade in his rush to ringside.

Punk then grabbed a kendo stick at Ringside, while Dr. Sampson was checking out his injury, and started swinging wildly at a bewildered Heyman. Punk didn't get his hands on Heyman for too long, as Ryback and Axel quickly rushed to their boss;' aid. Ryback and Axel's bravery were met with swift hits from Punk's kendo stick. Punk then took one more swing at Axel, before setting up Mr. Perfect's son for a swift GTS,  Making it the first time in weeks that Punk has had the upper hand on his opponents on Raw heading into a pay per view match. the added bonus of the segment, was watching Heyman sittingon the side of the entrance ramp almost in tears . Was The Walrus crying like a baby best for business? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!

To be completely honest, I thought this storyline between Punk and Heyman would  have been done and buried after Night Of Champions, but with the addition of Ryback to aid the already vicious Paul Heyman, and a much more angry CM Punk itching to get his hands on Heyman, the sky is definitely the limit in this no holds barred storyline.

Although I do hope this is the feud that catapults Punk into the Royal Rumbe picture later In the year, I really think this storyline should mainly benefit Ryback and give him a more stable position withen the company. Ryback  has a amazing move set and a even more spectacular ring presence, making him someone the WWE might want to invest even more time and pushes in as time goes on.

As for CM Punk and Ryback's match at WWE Battleground, the odds should fall in Punk's favor due to him losing consecutive bouts at Summerslam and Night of Champions. To have Punk continue to lose and job for other talent would be a huge mistake for the company, especially with the Road To WrestleMania just a few short months away.

The WWE has been very careful with Punk since his reign as Champion came to a end last year to The Rock at Royal Rumble, but with the back and forth feud between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan picking up speed, the WWE might benefit from having Punk in the main event mix to aid Bryan in battling The Authority.

If Punk and Bryan were able to somehow join forces in the fight against Triple H and his stable, the WWE would be creating a firestorm by putting their top faces together to battle the top heels of the company. Add another top heel to the main event conversation, maybe say Wade Barrett Seth Rollins or even Ryback, and you have a Fatal Four Way pay per view match that is sure to sell out arenas everywhere!

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