5. Fandango: He may not be the most talented out of this group of superstars, but his entrance music and highflying move set more than compensates for the fact that he will most likely never escape mid card oblivion. After winning in his debut at WrestleMania against Chris Jericho, Fandango is still great for a filler match and the occasional Wednesday night Main Event.  It may
take another superstar to carry him during some matches, but watching him hit that top rope leg drop on his opponent is certainly a sight worth seeing for the WWE Universe at live events.

4. Curtis Axel: Although I am personally not a fan of Curtis Axel, he certainly has what it takes to mix it up in the ring with many of the veteran superstars in the WWE. Axel’s standing drop kick, coupled with his manager, Paul Heyman at ringside for every match, really make this guy a versatile superstar. If the WWE is really focused on raising up new talent, they will drop the storyline between Punk and Axel after Night of Champions and have Axel join the corporation to garner him more heat with the audience. If Axel can draw lasting heat with the audience, then he should definitely have a World Heavyweight title run with Paul Heyman by his side.

 3. Dolph Ziggler: You’re seriously going to go from having Ziggler cut a massive pipe bomb on his ex-girlfriend on SmackDown, to him being silenced a few weeks later  by a corporate regime that does what’s best for business? This man is immensely talent in the ring and can cut great promos when given the chance, but the WWE still sticks him in these feeble storylines that never serve to get The Showoff over with the fans. Ziggler even had to drop his title to Alberto Del Rio at Payback, because Ziggler was deemed a injury risk to carry the  title any longer. Ziggler was then thrown in another storyline with his ex girlfriend and her new boy toy. The storyline was designed to put over Big E. Langston, but Langston ended up losing the match and hasn’t been heard from since. So once again they put Ziggler in a situation to put someone else over and it gets dropped too. If WWE wants him to rise, they need consistency in the stories they sell. Ziggler is a great wrestler. The only thing that hold him back is the WWE itself.

2. Kofi Kingston: I really don't  know why the WWE continues to waste this talented athlete. He may not be the best at promo work, and it’s almost impossible to really build a decent storyline for him, but when you put this man in the ring, great things are sure to happen. His trouble in paradise finisher is almost as unpredictable as the RKO, and just as effective. Despite many meaningless Intercontinental  and United States title runs, Kingston is still a phenomenal in ring performer and if paired up with another highflying superstar could probably take the tag team division by storm.

1. Seth Rollins: I know everyone reading this will think I'm  crazy for saying Seth Rollins is being underutilized in the WWE, but if you really look at that’s just what he is The WWE waste all their time putting Ambrose over as the  mentally off-balanced grappler, who uses unsanctioned tactics to win matches. They put over Roman Reigns as the powerful, who can silence his opponent with one mighty spear, but how much time has the WWE really spent promoting Seth Rollins for the eventual  split up of The Shield? yes there
has been Rollin's consecutive main event bouts with Daniel Bryan on both SmackDown and Raw, but besides those brief highlights Rollin's mostly just stands like a stooge along with the rest of the shield to aid the corporation during the opening segments of shows. I think when the Shield does finally disband, Ambrose will definitely keep his career alive by what he can do on a microphone, but will be Seth Rollins who soars to the top of the WWE with his mesmerizing move set and unprecedented ability to have a good match night after night. With all this being true, keeping Seth Rollins in the Shield is almost doing him more harm then good. Rollins needs to get his singles career started so fans can begin to understand more about him in his personality. If he can work on his microphone skills a bit, and can get a decent push after the shield gets dismantled, then Rollins will certainly be a valuable asset to the WWE

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