If I had to be wrong about something, I am so glad it was about this! Of course by now you all know the latest plot twist in Daniel Bryan's quest for the WWE Title. Just when he thought he would be able to come on Monday Night Raw and hold the title high above his head, Triple H and Randy Orton come storming out of the back and accuse him of having a secret deal with referee, Scott Armstrong, during his match with Randy Orton at Night Of Champions.

The King of Kings then effectively stripped Daniel Bryan of his newly won WWE Title, while Randy Orton added insult to injury with a killer RKO for Bryan's troubles. Now with the WWE Title vacated, and a ferocious heel stable eager to throw their weight around, one can only guess what will happen  next!

And that of course is where the apology comes in on my part. I was so under the impression that the WWE was happy with the status quo. That Randy Orton would walk out of The Main Event match at Night of Champions with the WWE Title around his waist. But thank god that didn't happen! Thank god for a little controversy! And thank god for not just keeping things the way they are!

By having the WWE Title vacated, WWE has not only created a reason for a more driven Daniel Bryan, but also a more vicious and demented Orton, eager to prove himself to The corporation and once again be the face of the WWE. Not to mention that fact that, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon seem more evil then ever after stripping the title from Daniel Bryan, just one night after he won the title for the second time in his career.

Stephanie McMahon seems to especially be going off the rails, given her recent ordered beat down of WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes, after he refused a business proposition of giving one of his sons their jobs back with the company. And who could forget the anger that The Big Show has been building up inside after not only K.O punching Daniel Bryan twice in the Main Event, but also knocking Dusty Rhodes out with one punch live on Raw!

Even The Shield seems to have regained their once lost luster by laying beat downs night after night on fan favorite, Daniel Bryan., and other superstars that interfere with The Corporation’s plans. By joining The Corporation, The Shield has not only placed itself in the Main Event spotlight once again, but also given more meaning to their titles reigns at the same time.

Let's be honest here, we all know Every WWE fan wants to see someone best a member of The Shield In a title match. And why is that? Just for the simple fact that no one wants to see The Corporation succeed in their evil plan to keep a stranglehold on the WWE. Thus creating more heel heat and attention for title runs involving the baby faces and The Corporation.

As for looking ahead into the future, I predict for the WWE to have Randy Orton defeat Daniel Bryan in the Main Event at BattleGround, and hold the WWE title until Hell in a Cell. At Hell in Cell, Daniel Bryan will once again defeat Randy Orton for the WWE title with help from The Baby faces of the WWE roster (including Cody Rhodes, Golddust, Dolph Ziggler and others).

The win at Hell in Cell will be a major turning point in the storyline, as the baby faces and The Corporation will battle it out as The Hell in Cell pay per view goes off air, prompting a twelve man Survivor Series Elimination match between the two factions at Survivor Series.

The only problem with this entire storyline scenario is, what happens when John Cena returns from his elbow injury? Do they just allow John Cena to retake the stoplight after getting Bryan over in their match at Summerslam? If they really want to build the storyline to a healthy climax, The WWE will need to share the spotlight equally between all the superstars they put in The Main Event matches. If John Cena comes back from his injury and takes over as the leader for The Baby faces, then the WWE has essentially killed and buried every bit of momentum they had just given to Daniel Bryan during his feud with Orton for the WWE Title.

My dream scenario for this storyline, is for John Cena, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk t all join as leaders of The Baby face Regime and battle The Corporation in an Armageddon Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania. The scenario would allow for the veterans to help get over all the lower card superstars and help pave the way for all their futures in the WWE as well.

I really hope that if the WWE chooses to put other veterans in the spotlight for the storyline, that they do it in a way that will benefit not only the veterans at the top of the industry, but also the rookie and lower-card superstars at the bottom. Personally, I would love to see The Prime Time Players get another push for a Tag Team title shot against The Shield. Or even have Ambrose drop The United States title to Dolph Ziggler, to make that feud a little more personal.

For this this to work, the WWE will have to do what they haven’t done in years, and that’s to make the mid-card matter again.  They need to keep creative storylines between Ziggler and Ambrose, and even maybe set up some specialty matches once the feud intensifies. They also need to bring Wade Barrett back and have him join The Corporate Regime to battle another mid-carder on The Baby face side. 

As for my predictions last week for Night of Champions, I couldn’t be happier that I was wrong with how the storyline between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan would have progressed! With the title vacated, Randy Orton has become a more vicious and sinister superstar, and The Yes chants keep getting louder and louder for Daniel Bryan to become Champion again. WWE is now must see television, no matter what day it’s on! It seems like the days of status quo has finally ended, and the revolution of the company versus its wrestlers can finally begin!


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